This is the listing of four icons to the left of the username and role at the top right of the webpage. Icons for ‘Notifications’, ‘Messages’, ‘About Us, and ‘Help’ section


  • · Select theicon to view your notifications with count indicators
  • · Click a notification to be directed to the location of the item 


  • · Select the         icon to view your recent messages with count indicators
  • · Click a message to be directed to the message thread location 

About Us

  • · Select the icon to view the Organizations About Us page.
  • · Communicate with the WorkReady Mobile team with AdvanceNet to update your About Us page. 


Accessing Support

  • · To access support, select the button on the support toolbar.
  • · then select the button.
  • · You can also access support by selecting “?” in the upper right-hand corner of the log-in screen. 

*You can also either email with your issue or visit to access support articles or to create a support ticket.