How to copy a user to another class

  • Select a class and then the People tab
  • Locate the student you wish to copy and click the action button for the user
  • A pop up box will appear giving you the option to copy the user to another class 

  • Another pop up will then give you a class selection to move them or you have the option to add another class

  • A message will appear asking you if you want to copy the user. Click Yes

Copy or Move People from one class to another


  1. On the Class People page, there are checkboxes next to each person and one on the title row to select all.
  2. Once a box is selected, a set of actions appear above the Search box.
  3. APP – long press on a student to activate selection boxes and action buttons
  4. Move to – this action will move the selected users to new class and remove them from the current class.
    1. Click Move to and follow instructions to select the class to move people to.
    2. Their conversations and attendance in the old class will be retained.
  5. Copy to – this action adds the people to the new class and retains them in the current class. You will be informed if they are already in the new class.
  6. Remove takes the person out of the class. Data is retained in the class.
  7. Block will prevent them from accessing WRM. They can be unblocked later.