• In an owned class, you need to create a Class Meeting to take Attendance.
    1. Add a Meeting from the Calendar or the Settings page (under “Class Meeting”)
    2. Follow the above instructions to create a Class Meeting
    3. Under Event Type, check this:
      • If Attendance is allowed for the class, scroll down to select the Attendance Type which includes:
        • Hybrid - the ability to capture both Virtual and In Person attendance.
        • Virtual – the ability to capture Online Class attendance.
        • In Person – the ability to capture In-Person Class attendance.
      • Hybrid classes are for when you have some students in person and some online.
    4. Enable Notification and select the  to allow for the users enrolled in the class to receive push notifications an hour before the class meeting
    5. Check-in/Check-out Notification can be turned off if you do not wish for students to receive the notification to check in or check out.
    6. Note* only users who have the push notifications turned on for the app/web and on their mobile device will receive notifications.

  • Recording Attendance for Class Meetings
    1. Graphical user interface, application

Description automatically generatedThe module for Attendance does not appear until the Class Meeting is scheduled to begin.
    2. Click the “Check in All” button if all students are present at the beginning of class.
      • If an Attendance type preference has not been chosen for a class meeting, it will show as Hybrid
    3. If most students are present, a short cut is to use the ‘Check in all’ feature and then delete the entries for those that are not present or edit the time for those who were late.
    4. Students can record the check-in time for themselves as of the class meeting start time and can edit their time until Attendance is ‘Saved and Locked.’
    5. If the class ends on time, then there is no need to check out students. It will be automatically recorded at the end of class.
    6. If a student leaves early – or if the entire class leaves early – then the check-out time will need to be entered for each student.

  • Or a teacher can instruct/enforce all students to check themselves in/out.
  • The Total Time column read-only and displays the total minutes the student is in the class. (Check out time minus the Check in time)

  • If there is no check-in information entered during the time of the class, the student user will be marked absent and will be sent a notification to confirm their absentee status

  • You can add a drop-in student who is present but not a member of the class.
    • Click the button and then search registered students to add.

  • Once the class has ended, you can Save attendance information and Save and Lock to prevent student users from changing their Check in and Check out times.

See the Download Records section of the user guide to learn how to pull a report for Attendance data. The report will include the total time in minutes for each record.