Adding People to Classes

  • Once you have created your classes, select a class by clicking the class name by or using the Action button to the right of the class name - .

  • Select the PEOPLE tab and then  in the top right corner.

Adding people from pre-existing User List:

  • If the user already has an account (Instructor, School Admin, or Student) with the organization, then you will be able to add them from the pre-existing list of users.

  • Start typing the user’s name, phone number or email into the field provided
    1. You can use the dropdown on the right to filter by role
    2. If you’re adding a student, select the box to the left of the user’s title
    3. If you’re adding an instructor as a class owner, select the ‘owner’ box that will appear next to their account on the right
  • Select the user(s) you wish to add to the class
  • Click ‘Add’


*Once people have been added to your class, you can manage your class by selecting the People tab on the top of the course page.