Send a Message to an Individual or a Small Group


  1. Select the box with the pencil icon next to the Search bar: 
  2. Search or scroll through the class members to locate the person or group for the message. Click the check-box next to each person. Can be one or multiple.
    1. Each user selected should appear in the “Selected” pane on the right.
  3. Once your recipient selection is complete, click
  4. Type your message into the message box.

  5. One attachment (image or document) can added to the message. You will be prompted if the file is too big or not accepted file type. JPEG, PNG, PDF, and Word are accepted.
    1. Select “Add Class Resources” if you wish to attach a file already loaded in the Class Resources. 
    2. Or, “Browse from computer” to load a new file.

  6. Click the button once your announcement is complete


  7. Go to the “People” tab within the Class.
  8. Locate the user that you want to message.
  9. Select thebutton to the right of their name
  10. Select “Private Message” from the list of options in the dropdown.